Frequently Asked Question

How long should the hiring process take?
There are no set time frames for the hiring process within SAS Hospitality, but the recruiting team do work to make every process as quick as possible.

Are there any vacancies in _______?
Please review our careers site for available opportunities.

I was interviewed and haven’t heard back yet?
The processing time post-interview can take a while, often longer than the hiring manager or recruiter thought during the interview.  SAS Hospitality wants to expedite every hiring process, and will get back to you as soon as there is a decision on the next steps.

Can I apply for this role?
Applicants are always welcome to apply for roles, however SAS Hospitality would provide the following advice:

  • Only apply for roles where you closely match the stated requirements

  • Applying for a wide variety of roles will not look good to recruiters or hiring managers.

  • Local candidates (Indonesian) are always preferred.

Why wasn’t I selected/hired?
SAS Hospitality receives a lot of interest for some roles, and even qualified candidates might not be selected for further interview if there are even more suitable candidates applying.  We are not able to discuss individual cases, nor are we able to provide applicants with a specific reason why they were not successful.