Sous Chef dibawah bimbingan umum dan pengawasan Executive Chef salam batas batas yang di tetapkan kebijakan dan prosedur perusahaan. Pastry chef mengawasi dan mengerahkan operasi dapur khususnya pastry

Job Description Pastry Chef:

  1. Supervise the functions of all pastry employees, facilities, and costs to maximize the overall department profit.
  2. Control and analyze on an on-going basis, the following:
    a. Quality levels of productions and presentation for all pastry items
    b. Guest satisfaction
    c. Merchandising and marketing
    d. Cleanliness, Sanitation and Hygiene
  3. Responsible for the development, production, preparation and presentation of all pastry items to ensure highest quality at all times.
  4. Establish and maintain effective employee relations and inter-departmental working relations.
  5. Under the guidance of the Executive Chef, conduct such functions as interviewing, hiring, employee orientation, performance appraisal, coaching, and counseling to ensure appropriate staffing and productivity levels.
  6. Develop formal training plans and conduct on the job training for pastry employees.
  7. Supervise and carry out the production of pastries, cakes, desserts, chocolate, petit fours, ice cream and ensure that they are in compliance with prescribed recipes and specifications.
  8. Check and prepare the required mise en place according to orders.
  9. Prepare store requisitions for supervisor’s approval and check that the received goods meet the predetermined quality and purchasing specifications.
  10. Ensure the proper handling of all semi finished and finished product so as to keep spoilage to a minimum.
  11. Inspect and maintain all operating equipment in good working conditions and advise supervisor to raise repair and maintenance request when necessary.
  12. Keep the workstations clean and sanitized and follow proper safety procedures at all time.
  13. Maintain HACCP program where implemented.
  14. Create new types of pastries and desserts preparing sample tasting.
  15. Assist in monthly stock taking activities.
  16. Train new staff and cook trainee and assign them to appropriate workstations.
  17. Prepare monthly duty roster and manage public holiday and annual leave duties as and when assigned by supervisor.
  18. Control and maintain the buffet setting and decorations as agreed during the trial set up.
  19. Take ownership and accountability for the profitability of his outlet.
  20. Perform any other related duties as and when assigned by supervisor.


1. Pria 

2. Maximal 35 Tahun 

3. Memiliki keahlian dalam membuat berbagai jenis kue, roti,  kue kering dan jenis hidangan penutup lainnya 

4. Memiliki kemampuan perhatian terhadap hal - hal detai  dan kreatif 

5.  Memiliki kemampuan dalam berorganisasi dan memimpin sebuah team 

6.  Memiliki pengalaman sebagai sorang Pastry Chef  / CDP Pastry 




  • Location Grand Tjokro Premiere
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