Human Resources

Training Manager

Develop and manage training programs for employees, assess training and development needs for organizations, help individuals and groups develop skills and knowledge, create training manuals, present hands-on training sessions, monitor training for effectiveness.

Job Description Training Manager:

1. Intervention to the organization to understand the company's vision and mission.

2. Develop Training Need Analysis

3. Evaluate organizational capability

4. Develop a leadership training program / succession plan

5. Audit all units of the training program

6. Create employee certification scheme

7. Create and evaluate regulations and SOPs

8. Socialization of HRMS, CRM, Vision, Mission and Corporate / Labor Regulations.

9.  Employee Orientation

10. Developed Grand Tjokro Hotel Academy

11. Develop Assessment Center


1. Bachelor Psychology 

2. Has Experience Minimal 2-3 years in Training field 

3. Good English ( Active and Passive ) 

4. Have a training cempetency certificate 

5. Can Analyze training needs to develop new training program or modify and improve existing program 

6. Review and evaluate training program for compliance with our standard



  • Location SAS Hospitality
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