Dibawah pengawasan langsung oleh Chief Steward, Steward bertanggung jawab untuk membersihkan dan memelihara semua area F&B, material dan peralatan dari hari ke hari.

Job Description Steward:

  1. Ensure all required garbage cans are distributed and cleaned.
  2. Maintain the individually issued cleaning supplies from steward storeroom.
  3. Consult and follow-up on the special cleaning schedule.
  4. Clean work area and all surface areas by sweeping, cleaning, and mopping as often as is needed.
  5. Clean and maintain all machines in the respective work areas.
  6. Clean, wash, polish or burnish operating equipment before and after use or whenever necessary.
  7. Distribute and restock operating equipment at proper place after use, in preparation for the next use.
  8. Report to work as scheduled and work overtime as required by the Chief Steward.
  9. Leave the area tidy before going off duty.
  10. Perform duties common to all rank and file and non supervisor personnel and other duties as may be assigned by Management.
  11. Perform general cleaning duties assigned by steward supervisor according to the standard established in the food and beverage manual.
  12. Clean and wash dishes according to the established performance standards.
  13. Handle operating equipment and kitchen equipment with care in order to reduce breakages to a minimum level.
  14. Empty rubbish bins according to scheduled garbage runs.
  15. Strictly adhere to the opening and closing procedures established for the department.
  16. Have understanding and knowledge of all cleaning procedures, use of dishwashing machines and the type of chemicals to be used.
  17. Ensure that the work area is kept clean and organized at all times.
  18. Exercise careful use of operating supplies in order to reduce spoilage and wastage.
  19. Understand and strictly adhere to the Hotel’s policy of fire, hygiene, health and safety.
  20. Report for duty punctually wearing the correct uniform and name tag at all times.
  21. Maintain a good report and working relationship with staff in the department and all other departments.
  22. Provide courteous and professional service at all times.
  23. Attend and contribute to all staff meetings and other related activities.
  24. Undertake any reasonable tasks and secondary duties as assigned by steward supervisor.
  25. Attend all training session organized by steward supervisor or training department.
  26. Respond to any change in the function as dictated by the hotel.


1. Laki-laki 
2. Setidaknya 1 Tahun di posisi yang sama
3. Memiliki pola pikir, sikap, dan kepribadian yang positif
4. Mampu bekerja dengan tim
5. Sikap Positif dan Berorientasi Layanan


  • Location Tjokro Hotel Klaten
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