Front Office

Front Office Manager

The assignment of responsibilities : 1. Ensure that all staff at the front office master the hotel computer system 2. Ethics accept calls and operational standards in hotels. 3. Maintain harmonious work with sales and marketing about room prices 4. Welcome VIP guests 5. Handle guest complaints that cannot be resolved by subordinates 6. Make monthly reports about guest lists, occupancy rates and profit / loss in the front office 7. Maintain discipline of front office officers by giving warnings and sanctions for those who violate the provisions. 8. Improve the quality and achievements of employees who excel by giving awards 9. Make an annual budget, analyze hotel operations and revenues on a daily basis in terms of income, average room rates.

Job Description Front Office Manager:


Requirements :

1. 3 - 5 years working experience at same position

2. Maximum 35 years old

3. Strong in leadership



  • Location Tjokro Hotel Pekanbaru
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